The WellBeing Project offers a practical explanation of what all humans need to thrive, what that looks like in your life, and ways to be supported toward that outcome.

  • Understand

  • Yourself

  • Your Needs

  • How to Meet Your Needs

  • Your Purpose

  • How to Achieve Your Purpose

  • How to Reach Your Potential

  • The Conflicts You Face


  • How to Surround Yourself with Real Support

  • Does Not

  • Cost Lots of Money

  • Require you to follow a religion

  • Contradict your faith

  • Insist You Meditate

  • Magically change your life

  • Helps you uncover the real story of your life

  • Offers ways to generate income helping others

How it Works

Take the Courses

  • The 7 Concepts  $22
    The ideas and language of human flourishing
  • Tending  $22
    How to make the concepts work for you

Weekly Conversation

  • Guided by a Host
    No awkward silences.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    When works for you?
  • Phone In
    Hooray for no commute.
  • Affordable
    $10. Seriously.

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