The Problem

It's the 21st century and we still have no common understanding of what makes humans thrive.

Luckily, history's greatest teachers explained ideas that children can understand.

And the lessons haven't changed.



Affordable courses explain how humans flourish and help you apply the concepts to your daily life.


Be heard. Hear others. Participate in a caring community.


Earn 50% affiliate commission for sharing the project with others.


Generate income hosting conversations and/or mentoring others.

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What is well-being?

We can't improve what we can't define.

The Wellbeing Project's first course, 7 Concepts, defines what human well-being is, what it is not, and the universal principles for reaching it.

How is it achieved?

To see our lives changed, we need practical, personal habits.

The Wellbeing Project's second course, Tending, helps turn information into transformation by showing how to apply universal principles to the unique preferences and circumstances of your life.

Who can help?

We all need support. Now you have it.

The Wellbeing Project's small group weekly conversation provides you with allies to talk about the things that matter.

Mentoring sessions offer 1-on-1 attention and support when you need it.


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