The Conversation

Is there anything more motivating than spending time with people who understand and care? The Weekly Conversation is your opportunity to be in the company of allies.

Is it therapy? Not exactly, but it sure feels good to be heard.


No awkward silences.
Conversations guided by a host in the same format each week.

Phone In

Participate from wherever you are. We're here to listen.


Find the hour that works for you each week.



That's it.


How do I sign up for a weekly conversation?


The second course, Tending, covers everything about the weekly call. In it, you'll learn

  • the format of the conversation,
  • the prompts that help you share your experiences with others,
  • how to prepare for a conversation,
  • how to RSVP for one.


Why do I have to take the courses first?


The 7 Concepts course introduces the ideas and language that make our well-being journey clear and practical. With these words and ideas we have common understanding when discussing our individual experiences.

The Tending course helps you apply the well-being concepts to your individual life. 

Understanding the concepts and applying them to your daily experience is what the conversation is about. Without the courses it would be impossible to follow along and participate.

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