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On-site + Virtual Workshop Inquiry

Workshops and training can be customized to the needs of your group or organization.

Anyone is welcome to request a free workshop. Scheduling is based on organizational goals and speaker availability.

Preference is given to non-profit, educational institutions, and small businesses.

  • Half day / All day seminar
  • On-going Workplace well-being consulting
  • Small Group set-up
  • Employee well-being assessment and reporting

the Hatch Co-Worker Small Group

If you're interesting in a Lunch + Learn workshop or participating in a weekly small group, add your name to the invite list.

Become a Conversation Host

You're interested in becoming a conversation host! Hooray!

Submitting this form isn't a commitment. But if you're keen to understand exactly how you can create income while helping to bring well-being resources and peer support to the world, this is how.

Join the Podcast Small Group

The podcast's next season will include 6 weeks of small group weekly conversations.

If you would like to participate in the recorded conversations, use the form to find out more!
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